Save Big on Great Shoes

Shoes are the first thing people notice about you…or at least that’s folks in the fashion community say.  In any case, it is important for everyone to have a few nice pairs of shoes in order to put the best fashion foot forward.  Here at pointing to retirement, one of our favorite brands is Allen Edmonds.

Who is Allen Edmonds?

Allen Edmonds is a high quality American shoe company.  Their shoes are classic, comfortable, and last an amazingly long time.  Unfortunately, with this focus on quality comes a rather hefty price tag.  For example, their regularly priced cap-toe oxford will run you about $395.

How Can I Save on My Purchase?

The good news is you can periodically get these shoes for a good $150 off and then get another $15+ cash back from your purchase.  The way you do this is as follows:  keep an eye out for the anniversary sale, buy online during the anniversary sale, and use TopCashBack while completing your purchase.  That’s it.  It’s just that simple.

In case you’re still doubt,  here is an example purchase done recently.

The shoe being shopped for was the afore mentioned cap-toe oxford.  This shoe normally goes for $395.

I shopped for this exact shoe during the anniversary sale, and was able to find it for a whopping $150 less than the normal price!  The price was so good that I went ahead and threw in a shoe tree.  My total for the two was $265.



Before checking out from Allen Edmonds, I made sure to visit TopCashBack and login to my account.  I then searched for Allen Edmonds, found the cashback offering, and then clicked through the cashback link like the one below.



After the purchase, I checked my pending amount from TopCashBack.  To my pleasant surprise, the amount populated with $18.55.  Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the cashback amount to become Payable and I’ll have another $18.55 from my purchase that I wouldn’t have received if I hadn’t taken advantage of TopCashBack’s offer.


And that’s it!  All in all, I saved my self from spending an extra $150 on a great pair of shoes by just waiting until the anniversary sale.  Additionally, I bagged another $18.55 by checking TopCashBack and using the cashback link before placing my order.

This is a great savings combo for a great pair of shoes.

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