Anatomy of a HEAVILY Discounted Honeymoon – Part I

I plan on going on my honeymoon shortly to Southeast Asia and wanted to have a grand ‘ole time while spending as little as possible. This will be a multi-part series detailing various aspects of the trip and how we spent as little as possible to get there. Nothing was exactly free, but it was attainable and didn’t break the bank for us. First, the Fairmont Hotel in Singapore!

Where and How Long?

As part of our journey, we will be staying in Singapore for three nights this summer. I wanted the nicest possible room, for the least amount of money.

Paying for the Hotel

I booked the rooms by calling into the Fairmont President’s Club call-in number at a rate of $146 USD per night plus tax for two nights, and requested use of my free third night certificate from my Chase Fairmont credit card (explained below in more detail). With tax, that meant I needed to pay approximately $344.56.

Fairmont Hotels run a special promotion approximately twice a year (usually on Black Friday and one time in the summer) where they sell gift cards that can be used on rooms and other expenses for 20% off.  In November of this year, I bought one of those gift cards, so my actual cost for the three nights came to $275.

Getting a Free-ish Night, Upgrade, and Some Free Grub

The Chase Fairmont credit card provides Fairmont Premier status, which includes the following benefits every year:

  • 1 free room upgrade
  • 1 free suite upgrade
  • 1 complimentary third night on a three-night stay
  • $50 in Fairmont dining or Willow Stream Spa E-Certificates

For this booking, I used the three benefits in bold above. That means we get to stay in a fancy suite and get a third night for free, as well as spend $50 on meals or spa treatments for the cost of the annual fee on the card (incidentally, this year I had the annual fee waived, so there was no cost to keeping it open for another year). Unfortunately, applications are currently closed for this card, but if they re-open, it’s well worth looking into signing up if you like staying at higher end properties.

One more thing. The suite comes with club privileges. Generally, this means you get access to a special club lounge. According to the Fairmont Singapore’s website, there is a complementary daily breakfast, evening cocktails, and evening hors d’ouevers. So…FREE DRINKS AND FOOD! And it looks pretty decent.

Please note, Fairmont’s certificates do have black-out dates during many major holidays and vary by location. A full list of blackout dates is available here.


TOTAL VALUE: As of this writing, a suite at the Fairmont Singapore with club privileges costs $591 per night plus tax at the refundable rate, $413 per night plus tax at a non-refundable rate. For a three-night stay, including tax, the total would have been $2,088 at the refundable rate and $1,461 at the non-refundable rate.


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