Using Citi® PrivatePass® for Special Event Tickets

Life’s not just about saving as much as possible in the hopes of some grand retirement. We firmly believe in enjoying the here and now as much as possible – we just try to still plan for our future and use credit cards to help pay and pave the way. Citi’s Private Pass® is one tool you can use to make sure you get tickets to show’s you’re excited about.

What is it?

PrivatePass ® from Citi ® provides early and special access to tickets for many shows, concerts, and sports games. Additionally, there may be offers to special dining events for those living in a big city. This probably won’t save you money, but hopefully it allows you to enjoy your money a bit more, hassle-free.

What do you need and what do you do?

  • Have at least one credit card from Citibank and have the first six digits readily available.
  • Go to and search for your event, then click through the links and follow the prompts.
  • Bring your Citibank credit card to the venue’s will-call desk to pick up your tickets
  • That’s it.

How would I use it?

I found out recently, for instance, that The Offspring had announced a new tour and tickets would go on sale this Friday
I was worried about getting tickets early because in my area they will probably sell out, so I was scheduling my day around the ticket-sale time. Then, last night, I received an e-mail from Citi® reminding me about PrivatePass® and letting me know Offspring Tickets would be available at noon today (three days early). I was able to buy my tickets ahead of anyone else by using this little trick, and had my choice of seats for the venue. The process was the same as if I had booked from the venue’s website.

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