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The world of investing and personal finance is vast.  ETF’s, ETN’s, REITs, Mutual Funds, 401(k)’s, ROTH IRA’s, Stocks, Bonds, the list goes on and on.  Make no mistake about it, there is a lifetime of learning to be had out in the financial markets.  But don’t fret!  If you need to deep-dive or even brush up on your understanding of any of these topics, there is a free Encyclopedia of investment information.  That Encyclopedia is

Investopedia is actually one of the first resources we used in our journey of financial literacy and is still a solid resource whenever reliable information is needed.

What is particularly nice about Investopedia, outside of the pure volume of information featured on the site, is how the information is presented in a curated Encyclopedic style.  This is quite unique in terms of text based financial education sites.

For instance, I searched 401(k) on the site and clicked on the 401(k) Plan Definition.


After clicking on the 401(k) Plan Definition link, Investopedia presents a fantastic page where you can find detailed text describing all the ins and outs of the 401(k) with a guided list of “NEXT UP” for what you should cover next in that same vein of investing.  What’s also nice, particularly for the visual learners out there, is they also include videos like the one shown below (on the right hand side of the screen) for a lot of their most commonly queried finance and investment topics.


This is a site well-worth spending hours of time exploring and getting to know.  We highly recommend it for anyone.

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