Book Hotels and Earn Points

If you’re in the market to book a hotel room for your next travel stay, why not earn airline reward points at the same time?  This is exactly what you can do using the website

Rocketmiles follows a simple 3 step process:  search for hotels at your destination, earn rewards with your preferred travel program, and use your rewards for your next vacation.  That’s it!

In case you’re still skeptical, here’s an example of a scenario where you can earn substantial miles while also booking a hotel for your spring break trip.

Let’s say you want to go to Chicago around spring break (albeit a cold spring break) and you’re an Avios Travel Rewards Programme member (side note – Avios miles are fantastic for domestic US travel.  This will be covered in a future post).  All you need to do is search for Chicago, select the Avios programme, and then select the time frame you want.  In this case, I’ll be traveling 3/15 – 3/21.  

With a quick click of the search button, I get a well organized output showing a map view of the locations of the available hotels with the corresponding potential point rewards.  Normally, I enjoy staying at Fairmont hotels while traveling whenever possible.  In this case, by using I can earn an extra 50,000 Avios miles while booking a hotel I would already book anyway for my trip to Chicago. That is a substantial amount of Avios miles.  It’s definitely enough to get me another flight or two around the US for trips I may want to take later in the year.

That’s about it!  After you select your hotel, Rocketmiles will take you through the checkout process where you can link your preferred travel program and pay for your stay.


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