You May Be A Member of a Class-Action Settlement

As the title suggests, you may be a member of a class-action settlement and not even realize it. If you don’t opt-out of being a class member, and don’t collect on your valid claims, you’re missing out on money that you were legally entitled to. It’s your money, don’t let it fall through your fingertips!

Why Would I Be Eligible?

  • If you bought, used, or owned a product or service that was subject to class action litigation, you could be eligible for any settlement of a claim associated with the product/service.
  • If you don’t specifically opt-out of the negotiated class-action settlement when you receive those pesky notices in the mail, you will be a member of the class eligible to collect on the ultimate settlement amount. Note: Your timeline to submit a claim may be limited, so pay attention to any applicable dates.
  • Each settlement will have its own rules regarding who is eligible. Read these carefully to determine your eligibility. The rules will explain whether or not a proof-of-purchase is required (often, proof is not required).

How Can I Find New Class Action Settlements?

Can I Opt Out and What Happens if I Opt-Out of a Settlement?

  • You can absolutely opt out of a settlement; however, you will no longer be entitled to collect any amounts due to class members.
  • You will have the opportunity to sue or pursue a settlement outside of the class. If you have a large claim, you may be better off doing so.

What Happens if I Don’t Opt-Out and Don’t Collect my Settlement?

  • If you neither opt-out nor collect on a settlement, one of three things will happen:
    • The Company may keep the money
    • Excess funds may be disbursed between class members making a claim
    • The remainder goes to a charity or a trust, typically funding/benefiting a cause that would benefit the settlement class.

Word of Caution:

  • DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES try to collect on a settlement for which you are not an eligible class-member. For instance, if you did not purchase a product, do not pretend you did. It could be illegal and you could face severe repercussions.

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