Saving up to 18% on all your hotel stays

One way to easily save money or earn free hotel nights on your vacations is by enrolling in the rewards program of either the hotel chain or the booking website (like or Assuming you haven’t earned elite status in a hotel rewards program, here’s one easy way to save significantly on all of your future vacations:

Sign up for both (a cashback portal) and for a rewards account through  (called, unsurprisingly, Rewards). 

Login to your account on TopCashback, search for, and click through the link for a cashback bonus on the base price for all of your hotel stays. The bonus fluctuates regularly between 5-8%. Note: Sometimes it takes a few weeks or months following your stay for the cash to post to your account on TopCashback.

Through the Rewards program, you will get one free night for every ten nights you stay (effectively a 10% rebate on your stays). 

If you find your room for a cheaper rate, will match it (, so there shouldn’t be issues with you overpaying for a room. 

And that’s really it. There are definitely ways to get more free stays through hotel points programs and special rates, but for the average chain-agnostic holiday traveler, this is the easiest and most straightforward way I’ve found to save up to 18% on your trips. There are some technicalities regarding the rate match that I’ll get into in another post.

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